PIMA in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon/بيما في مخيمات اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في لبنان

Funded by PIMA Palestine, five out of 50 Free Mobile Clinic projects were delivered by our partner Al Shifaa for Medical and Humanitarian Services in Lebanon.

These mobile clinics were carried out in the Palestinian refugee camps in South Lebanon, particularly in those camps deprived of basic medical care.


A total of 500 patients including children, women and elderly patients as well as refugees from Syria attended these clinics. Medicines donated by PIMA Palestine were given free of charge to all patients who needed them.

Pima Palestine was also represented at one of these clinics by its chairman Dr Ahmed Almari and by Dr Hyatham Hamdan who is a consultant cardiologist and a trustee of the charity.

They have visited most of the refugee camps in Lebanon and had first-hand experience of the health and the suffering of the refugees in these camps.

Commenting on his visit, and after conducting several cardiology clinics in various camps, Dr. Hamdan said:

‘’Today we are present in Al-Buss Refugee camp in Tyre in South Lebanon to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters in these camps by carrying out medical examinations and providing them with free medicines. We have also performed some tests including ECG’s and Echocardiograms.

I find it very difficult and painful to see people in these camps have no established clinics or hospitals and that they should travel a distance to seek treatment. They also have to pay the doctors’ fees and to pay for the medicines, when they can hardly manage their day to day living.”

Sometimes they prefer to stay at home because they cannot even afford the taxi fare, let alone the doctors’ fees or the price of the medicine. “

We have to try and help them ,as much as we can, to provide them  with the basic health care they badly need.
And we hope that this partnership with our sister organisation Al-Shifaa continues so we’re able to help’’

The refugees who have attended these clinics expressed their gratitude to PIMA Palestine for their help and hoped that these clinics continue in the future as they are very helpful to most people who cannot afford private doctors and medication. “

This is an ongoing project, and with your support and generous donations, Pima Palestine  pledges to fund 50 days of mobile clinics per year (one clinic/week) in the various Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon at a total cost of $100,000.