PIMA supports kidney transplant operations in Gaza and the West Bank/Ongoing project

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This is an ongoing project.

In Gaza alone, there are around 600 patients  of renal failure on renal dialysis 3 times a week. Many of them need renal transplant to save their lives .Unofficially, there are approximately similar figures in the West Bank . Unfortunately there are no renal transplant surgeons in Gaza or the West Bank to perform these life saving operations.

This is why the renal transplant team in Liverpool headed by Dr Abdelqader Hammad , a Palestinian himself, visit Gaza and the west bank on their own holidays to perform such operations.

They perform 5-6 operations per visit both in Gaza and Nablus, costing around $5000 each operations.That is with no doctors fees as they perform the operations free of charge.

In total they perform around 18 patients per year at a cost of $90000.

On your behalf and through your generous donations PIMA pledged to support Dr Hammad and his team paying the expenses of their trips as well as the laboratory costs  which amount to $30000 per visit.($90000/3 visits).

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