The First Psychological Report of Gaza Strip

arabpsynet3Soon after the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists was among the first medical organizations that moved to provide psychological support required in such circumstances. It has issued the following statement: “It is the time to shift ourselves from the position of condemnation and denunciation to the development of forms for supporting people, each of us according to abilities and competence.”

Specialists throughout the Arab world and fellow professionals working in non-Arab countries have called for such efforts, and, in response to this momentum, Prof. Ahmed Okasha, the president of the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists (AFP), has decided to establish the Emergency and Disaster Psychiatry section dealing with this crisis and other such future situations. In the light of the communication between Prof. Ahmed Okasha and Prof. Wail AbuHindy, chairperson of the section, colleagues in and outside Gaza, and from across the Arab Psychological Sciences Network, the decision has been made to organize series of visits by psychiatrists, psychologists and specialists in Mental Health to Gaza.


To read full report: 1st psych report on Gaza