Urgent medicines and consumables to Al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza/Ongoing project

Distruction of Alwafa Hospital

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Al-Wafa Hospital was completely destroyed during the Last Israeli onslaught  on Gaza in 2014 including  all it’s equipment and medical stores.It now operates in a temporary building at Al-Zahra in Gaza.

As a charitable hospital they offer their medical services to all the poor and the needy particularly those who are undergoing rehabilitation as a result of the war and the continuation of the siege free of charge.

A disabled patient in Alwafa Hospital

As medical supplies and consumables are consumed daily , there will always be a need to replace them with new supplies.This is why this is an ongoing project.

On your behalf and through your generous donations PIMA has pledged  to raise the necessary funds  for this purpose.

Please do not let us down.

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